Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Quick Review: The Mummy (1932)

The Mummy (1932) - 3½ Stars

The MummyAfter discovering a sarcophagus with strange inscriptions on the inside and an unusual scroll, some British Archaeologists accidentally unleash an ancient Mummy bent on restoring his deceased lover to life. Boris Karloff (the original Universal's Frankenstein monster) stars/chews the scenery as Imhotep/Ardath Bey the Mummy.

The Mummy is classic in terms of the mood, characters and makeup. Overall, however, it is more of a retread of some of the other Universal movies in terms of the story (Dracula in particular, there's even a Van Helsing type character played played by the same actor who played Van Helsing in Universal's Dracula). There is also a very disappointing amount of time with Karloff in full Mummy makeup.
(73 minutes - Unrated - 1932) (Netflix Streaming)

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