Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Thoughts: The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet ArtIn a new twist on my reviews, I finally saw a movie not only before it hit DVD, but before it even hit theatres everywhere! Last week, after bitterly missing the opportunity to see an advanced screening of "True Grit," I got a second chance at a preview screening when I got an e-mail invite for tickets to see "The Green Hornet" more than 3 weeks before it releases. I was definitely excited since it was a movie I was interested in (although, I'll be honest, I wanted to see "True Grit" more). So, after anxiously waiting, returning cell phones to the car and being wanded (they really don't want you to pirate the movie) I finally got to see the movie. Since the movie is still a ways away and there aren't really any other reviews of the movie floating around out there, I'm going to hold off on a full review (don't worry, I already wrote it up so I wouldn't forget) until probably the first of the year. I think it'd be a fitting way to ring in a new year of writing reviews. With all that being said, I will leave you with a few tidbits of what I thought of the movie. A tease, if you will:

- After what seemed like a pretty dry year for comedy (and still will be since this technically releases next year), this is definitely the movie that I laughed the hardest during.
- Christoph Waltz (Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds) plays the villain quite well.
- James Franco has a brief, uncredited role.
- The film has, at times, a campy feel to it (as a throwback to its radio roots). It doesn't make the movie campy itself, though.
- I watched the movie in 2D and it will apparently also be released in 3D. You can tell which camera shots, etc. were designed for the 3D, but it isn't too distracting (as it mostly fits in with the aesthetic of the movie)

"The Green Hornet" will be released January 14, 2011 and is rated PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content.

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