Thursday, October 14, 2010

Updating in the Dark

Well, it's been some time since I have fully reviewed and posted my thoughts on any movies on here. I'd say that a lot has been going on but it hasn't, at least in the sense of being busy. The truth is that I've found it hard to write and take the time needed to make my reviews meet my expectations while I am currently unemployed. As I said before, I have plenty of time in which to write, but the spectre of being jobless hangs over me every time I think to start working on a review. But, I have been keeping track of movies that I have watched so that I could eventually fill in these gaps once I find some sort of employment.

The question then is, why after almost three months have I decided to write anything here? I felt that it would at least explain why there haven't been reviews, first of all. Also, I really want to be writing and posting reviews and plan to get back to it when I have some means of income, so I wanted to keep this alive. So, that leads to where I am now: for the meantime, I have decided to post my ratings for movies I watch. I'm not going to be fully reviewing them, but will be putting them up as at least a placeholder to fill in later. If at any point anyone would like to know more about why I gave a particular movie a certain review, I will gladly respond to Facebook posts, tweets or e-mails. Hopefully this will enable me to keep up with movie reviews and still help a few people out there when it comes to selecting their evening (or anytime) entertainment. Enjoy!

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