Monday, March 22, 2010

...All the rest - March 22

The Time Traveler's Wife - (3 Stars) -  A librarian (Eric Bana) inexplicably time travels, much to the chagrin of his lover (Rachel McAdams). A surprisingly charming movie as long as you don't give yourself a headache over-thinking the time travel mechanics involved and focus more on the character story. (Netflix) (107 Minutes - Rated PG-13 for Thematic elements, brief disturbing images, nudity and sexuality - 2009)

The Boys Are Back - (4 Stars) - A great performance by Clive Owen as a man who must raise his young son by himself after the untimely passing of his wife. A very good movie with fantastic cinematography (filmed in Australia).(Netflix) (104 Minutes - Rated PG-13 for Some sexual language and thematic elements - 2009)

Fido - (4 1/2 Stars) - The classic story of a boy and his dog -- if in fact that dog is actually a zombie. The movie is full of great tongue-in-cheek zombie humor. It bends some of the 'zombie rules,' but never in a way that damages the story.(Netflix) (92 Minutes - Rated R for Zombie-related violence - 2006)

Funny People - (4 Stars) - A comedian (Adam Sandler) who is diagnosed with a terminal disease hires a younger, struggling comedian (Seth Rogen) to be his assistant and sets about making things right in his life. Judd Apatow delivers another drama/comedy about the important things in life. A warning, despite it's redeeming qualities, some may find it too vulgar for their tastes.(Netflix) (146 minutes - Rated R for Language and crude sexual humor throughout and sexuality - 2009)

Marley & Me - (4 1/2 Stars) - Genuinely funny and an all around enjoyable movie, especially for those who have ever owned a dog, but definitely not limited to those that have. Even through all of its zaniness, it never seems cheesy or contrived.(Netflix) (110 minutes - Rated PG for Thematic material, some suggestive content and language - 2008)

(500) Days of Summer - (4 Stars) - As the movie states, "this is a story about boy meets girl...not a love story." Great performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel highlight this unique, quirky movie. The movie really shines in its presentation and in all of the little details throughout.(Netflix) (95 minutes - Rated PG-13 for Sexual material and language - 2009)

The Informant! - (4 Stars) - Matt Damon gives a fantastic performance in this dramatized version of the true events surrounding the highest ranking whistle-blower in American business history. A very well-written movie that is both funny and intriguing. Along the same lines as "Shattered Glass," although quite a bit 'goofier.' (Netflix) (108 minutes - Rated R for Language - 2009)

Movies for this week (subject to change due to time/lapse in interest):
Where The Wild Things Are
Capitalism: A Love Story
New York, I Love You

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